How to choose a carpet?

Carpet improve degree of comfort in our interior in the same way as curtain. It gives us warm, comfort, additional sound isolation and feel of security. That is a reason which makes carpets so popular and fashionable.

Carpet is very important element of interior. Carpet occupies big area so it is always in the public eye. So it must be chosen correctly.

So you have to follow simple rules get good result.:

  • If carpet occupies most of free area it must be in neutral color not in contrast with floor.
  • If your interior already have major color accent choose carpet with neutral color.
  • If interior is monotone carpet can be used as color accent.


  • You can supplement existing color scheme of the room by using different tones from the this color gamma.
  • Or you can use contrast colors to existing color scheme of the room by using opposite color from color wheel.


  • If upholstery fabric is multi-color carpet you choose one-color curpet. And its color has to match one of the calmest tones from upholstery pattern.
  • If upholstery fabric is one-color follow one rule the more bright is color of sofa the less calm must be color of carpet.
  • If you use furniture of different colors and collections choose one- or two color carpet.
  • Carte in neutral color will suite any interior. If room is decorated in warm colors choose carpet in choose brown-beige tones. For cool color scheme suites grey-white or grey-blue tones for curtpet. .
  • Form of a carpet must be similar to form of couch sitting. If couch sitting has straight linear form choose square or rectangular carpet. With couch which has curved edges goes round or oval carpet.
  • In dining room form of carpet must be of the same form as of table.
  • Smaller rooms can be made to feel larger by selecting a lighter colored carpet
  • Big geometrical pattern visually enlarge floor area.
  • It is very stylish to combine different textures, for example , lacquered surfaces and long pile carpet.
  • If you have furniture with very special form or color choose carpet with neutral color. It will serve as a background for special furniture. If you have furniture of restrained style you can experiment with special form and color of carpet.
  • For children’s room choose bright colors.
  • Small bright carpet attracts more attention than big one, so using them you can designate definite area in you interior.
  • One one-color carpet stains and dirty spot will be more obvious. So in the kitchen and hall use multicolor synthetic carpets.