How to choose curtains for the living room

Windows are the eyes of the house, which should be elegantly and aesthetically draped. The curtains you select should look exquisite and magnificent, at the same time harmoniously match the style.

The living room is the place where family members, friends, guests and acquaintances spend their time, so the general perception of your housing often depends on the living room.

Properly dressed windows help to maintain a cozy and solemn atmosphere, emphasizing the unique design of your home.

If the windows look to the north side, better to choose curtains of warm, bright and heavy shades: beige, golden, emerald, orange, which visually make the room warmer and cozier. In the "southern" living rooms, to compensate for the excess of sunlight should be used cold and calm colors. Pure white as well as blue, gray, light blue shades are good for light living rooms.

The solemn appearance is achieved through the elegant lambrequins, simple urban style can easily be provided by means of stripe and check fabrics. If your living room is small, the fabric should be chosen according to the wall color, it visually expands the space. Large prints are suitable for the large rooms. Flowers and stripes create a romantic mood, lambrequins and printed fabrics will make the room respectable, which will be an ideal choice for a classic interior. Country style is perfectly combined with the natural fabrics. East style is successfully complemented by Japanese curtains.

The texture, color and density of the textile have to match the style of the interior and other textiles used in the room, as well as the upholstery of the furniture.

The interior of the room is a tiny world with its own style, character and mood, designed to give the comfort.