How to choose curtains for the bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and privacy, therefore it is especially important to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness, which will provide with the positive emotions and pleasant impressions.

Choose curtains that will protect the windows from the prying eyes, and will also prevent the penetration of street noise, bright sunlight and dust.

Flowing lambrequins, lines and outlines, streaming fabrics, calm and light colors - this is what will gracefully emphasize the interior of the bedroom. Better to avoid bright accents, too active for the bedroom.

Dense texture models will reduce the intensity of sunlight, and light curtains will dim light, leaving the room lighting.

For the better result, it is important to combine curtains with the other room textiles, for decorative pillows and bedspreads choose companion fabrics.

Textile decoration of the bedroom windows should give a healthy and deep sleep, a joyful mood after awakening and at the same time not be out of the general style. The main adviser in choosing curtains should be your own taste. Follow your personal preferences.