How to choose curtains for the children room

The child's room should be nice and rationally equipped. From the birth, the baby here learns the world, to differentiate colors, gets acquainted with different types of materials, rests and sleeps, and then plays and learns.

Children like bright and clean shades, large prints and simple drawings that cause positive associations. The brighter curtain, the faster it gets bored.

Psychologists believe the colors and forms surrounding the child should correspond to his character. Imaginative natures will like bright and rich colors, for the fidgety child the best option will be curtains of soft, pastel tones, which could slightly calm an active child. Abstractions, unusual prints will suit children with hidden talents what can raise their fantasy and creative vision of the world. Floral prints, leaves, liane create the illusion of a forest outside the window for a child with a rich imagination. While choosing fabrics, you should consider safety (curtains should not be easily flammable), ease of care (do not accumulate dust and easily wash), and naturality (linen, silk and cotton).

Take also into account the location of the children's room: if the room is on the sunny side, choose cool shades and more dense material, adjustable dimming will give a comfortable day sleep, for the northern room use textiles of warm and sunny tones from light fabric.

When select curtains for children, remember the basic principles: quality, aesthetics, and functionality. An atmosphere of safety, beauty, comfort and harmony will surround your child