How to choose curtains for office and cabinet

Window design of the working space should be stylish and simple clean, it will emphasize the seriousness of the premises intended to business activity.

Properly selected textiles should create an appropriate mood, benefit, do not distract attention and do not cause fatigue. When choosing, pay attention to surroundings, style of room decoration, scale, furnishings, size of windows and even the area of activities.

The main requirements for the work area curtains: practicality, functionality, comfort, durability, noise reduction, the ability to adjust the degree of natural light.

The curtains color palette should be selected according to the wall colors: rules of contrast or similarity.

Soft, clean tones are in harmony with with the most styles: milky-white curtains - elegant, not distracting; light yellow - do not make tired, they are used in premises with insufficient illumination, light orange – tone up, create working mode; light green - relieve tension and fatigue; light blue - calm, help to concentrate; olive and turquoise are suitable for creative and modern interiors.

As a print, it is possible to use stripes or geometric ornaments.

Modest elegance is the best solution for creating window decoration in such premises.