How to choose curtains for the restaurant

The restaurant is a luxurious place for rest and aesthetic pleasure, an institution with exquisite cuisine and high-level service.

In order to meet the customer needs and the competitiveness of the location, it is necessary to work very carefully not only with the kitchen, but also with the design of the area. The main component of popularity is the comfort and unique atmosphere of the restaurant. Good curtains - an indicator of prestige. They should please the eye, to be in the harmony with the interior, support its concept and color scheme.

Branded monograms on tablecloths and napkins can emphasize style and status of the restaurant. Thanks to the curtains, you can divide the space into comfort zones, get the necessary lighting. Curtains are the element to complete ensemble of furniture and decoration. The quality of textiles should be high, Trevira CS fabrics (not supporting burning), do not absorb odors. Better to choose sound-absorbing, antistatic, long-lived, maximally convenient and easy-care materials.

The festive atmosphere will create multi-layered models, lambrequins, dense curtains, fabrics with prints. Minimalism is relevant for the setting of restaurants in business and office centers. Proper textiles can emphasize the individuality of public area, create unique and memorable style that will appeal to loyal customers and attract new guests