How to choose curtains for the kitchen and dining room

Harmonious cozy atmosphere is the main requirement when choosing textile design. Kitchen curtains as the element of interior allow to change the appearance of the room, as a result of the culinary workshop will become a cozy place for family and guests.

Walls and kitchen furniture determine the color palette, and the curtains refresh.

Ideal for the kitchen and dining room are light curtains with the possibility of adjusting for height. Textile tablecloth, napkins, potholders, covers for chairs are improved on perfect.

The functionality is suitable for textiles, which will perform a decorative role, harmoniously fitting into the overall interior. In this case, the material should be easy to clean and do not absorb odors: jute, linens, cotton, mixed fabrics or materials such as plastic, straw, bamboo are more preferable.

Curtains like window clothing complement the space and considered a highlight of the room. Color is as important as the style. Kitchens often use lift curtains, such as Roman and London. For the dining room, more ceremonial will be curtains to the floor. Properly designed windows can create a mood, emphasize the nature of the tenants and style, emphasize the merits of the interior or hide flaws.

Even the most restrained curtains, stylishly selected, will bring elegance and chic.