How to choose curtains for a country house

A wooden house outside the city is a pleasant place to come back, its main purpose is to let the owners to enjoy the rest after the noisy metropolis. Classic lines, quiet colors, natural materials in the interior are good choice. Wooden walls, floors and natural curtains convey the feeling of nature and freshness of the forest.

For such house curtains in green, white, cream, beige, brown colors, plaiding and striping suitable, but without complex prints and ornaments. Among natural fabrics, cotton and linen will look in the best way.

When choosing curtains, it is important to consider the style, the degree of natural light and the texture of the fabric. The walls made of timber or logs are self-contained, look stylish and beautiful, maximum simplicity of design, naturalness and practicality of materials are desirable.

The most suitable styles are Provence with its bright colors, classic with velvet curtains, chalets with light curtains, country with natural materials and eco with the textiles of natural shades.

It is necessary to avoid sharp corners, dark and too bright colors, a lot of small and variegated details, direct and sharp light.

Curtains are decorative element, allowing to create an inner world of the house with the minimal expenses.

Naturalness and elegance, quietism and tranquility are the main features of the textile interior in a private house