Story about tablecloth

A festive or everyday table involves not only delicious dishes, but also a nice serving. Tablecloth is a part of this ensemble that emphasizes the style, creates comfort and solemnity atmosphere.

The main functions of the tablecloth: aesthetic - creates mood and practical - downplay knocking and plates sliding on the tabletop, protects the table from the damages.

For the right choice, you should follow the general rules. The choice of material - the appearance and relevance of the tablecloth, as well as the length of service life depend on it. Linen or silk tablecloth is presentable, suitable only for the special occasions. For everyday use practical fabrics, cotton or Teflon would be more suitable.

The choice of shape and size - the tablecloth should be at least 20 cm longer the tabletop, for solemn occasions choose to the floor length. The shape of the tablecloth does not need to be the same shape as the table. The square cloth will look original on the round table, sets can emphasize its design and become a highlight. Combined version looks creative and bright  the: a circular pattern is covered by the square one in a contrasting color. Ribbon-tablecloths will add a bit of dynamics to the celebration, can be used over the main one or separately.

Cream, beige, light pearl, golden colors will suit any style. Flower prints are good for home tea drinking, plaid - for a coffee table.

When choosing a festive tablecloth, feel free to choose themed prints as it will be in use just on the day of celebration.

The tablecloth is one of the most functional and practical elements of table decor, properly selected will be a bright accent or a harmonious addition, will release you from care and all possible problems.