Interior, like a picture of an artist, can look unfinished without a final touch. In order to make a space completed necessary to think over every detail in the interior. At the first glance, such an essential detail in the design of the room can be ordinary curtain pole. However, this is only at first glance. Indeed, today modern manufacturers offer huge choice of curtain pole types, which are not only functional, but also set the style of the interior.

The highlight of any interior - from the simplest to the most refined - can be classic tubular track. Such ones are made of different materials: wood, metal, plastic.

Often the details of the tubular cornices are bought separately, so you can collect a unique curtain pole. For example, for a wooden track, you can choose holders made of metal, and fleurons (finals) made of glass or even crystal. Varieties of finals are huge: balls, peaks, spheres, cones, flowers, leaves, stylized curls - in this diversity the most sophisticated customer will find something of his own. In addition to the finals, the decorative function can also be performed by such details of the eaves as the rod and the holders. The choice of curtain pole depends, first, on the style of interior design. For example, in the children's room will look good tracks with bright finals in the form of funny toys: dolphins, bears, trains, angels.

If there is forged furniture in the interior, the best choice become the tracks with elegant metal finals. In addition, luxury apartments are ideally complemented by elite curtain poles models with 24-karat gold plating and Swarovski finishes.

In addition to the stylistic design of the interior, choosing a curtain pole, it is also necessary to take into account non-standard architectural solutions that cause difficulties while installation of classic tracks. With such problems may face, for example, owners of complex shapes windows (bay window or arched), stretch ceilings or decorative molding, which runs along the very edge of the wall. To solve this problem, an integral track was recently created. Due to the special solid alloy of such curtain pole (4 meters length) just two holders are required, (for ordinary track of the same length, more holders are needed) and therefore it can be used regardless of any architectural innovations.

When buying an integral cornice, it is necessary to calculate its size, because there is a tension cable inside the metal pipe, and therefore it will not be possible to shorten the cornice afterwards.

One of the most fashionable and popular elements of window decor are string tracks, consisting of holders of the most diverse form, and a five-meter string. The secret of such popularity lies in the fact that the original design of the tracks allows to mount them not only to the wall, but also to the ceiling. It should be remembered that string cornices are ideal for lightweight thin fabrics, but under the weight of denser curtains, the string can sag.

Unlike tubular, the main accent of profile tracks is not bright decor, but functionality, which makes them very popular among buyers. The design of "profile" curtain poles allows you to "play" with space, changing their configuration in accordance with any ideas of the designer. Profiles can bend in different directions, turn into a broken line or an undulating curve. In addition, the multifunctional profile track system makes it possible to use multi-layer draperies in the interior. Thus, for one track, you can, for example, hang a tulle, a curtain and a lambrick bar.

Eastern themes, which took a solid place in the interior, did not pass by windows decorating. "Japanese tracks", borrowed from the Lands of the Rising Sun, enjoys incredible popularity with us. Such a track consists of any quantity of panel curtains and is excellent for solving the zoning space problem. In the opened state of the panel, the tracks are a screen that fences part of the living space. Thus, it is possible to easily divide one room into two different zones at any time. As in profile systems "Japanese tracks" operating can be not only mechanical, but also electrical"

Electrically operated tracks are becoming more popular. Thanks to the electronic remote control mechanism, you can now easily cope with the curtains on the large windows of the veranda or terrace in the country house. When choosing electrically controlled curtain poles, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the fabric that the electric motor can lift. This system is also used for curtains of the "Winter Garden" model, which allow partial or complete dimming of large stained-glass windows, glass domes and ceilings. "Winter gardens" can work in a horizontal and vertical plane, bay window and arc form. Remote control of this system allows you to easily adjust, depending on the weather, the amount of light that penetrates into the room.

In Ukraine, now are available any models and forms curtain poles. The most qualitative are Italian (Rilox, Casa Valentina, Home Collection, Arquati, TAO), German (Interstil, Metropolitan, Gefi, Blome, Artline) and English (Byron&Byron) tracks producers. Today, you can choose curtain poles, which are ideal for any style of interior design, emphasize the lines of the most refined furniture and will expressively look in the ensemble with decor items. And, despite the fact that the main purpose of the cornice is technical, it can become not only a bright accent, but also a compositional center of the interior of your house.

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