Prestige Textile

These fabrics are very exciting, they invite and inspire. Nothing can  define the mood and feel of a space more than the fabrics that are used for interior. Traditional areas can be transformed in to sleek, chic spaces with a simple change of fabric. Due to good choice of textile, any design can create a style home.

Prestigious Textiles appears in the world of contrasts. Company invented colossal array of original prints, embellished silks, sumptuous velvets, and classic jacquards which is constantly being re-shaped to make new design statements and showcase fresh ideas.

The facility can be proud of impressive statistics. About five million metres of dainteth textile can be stocked at any one time, having monthly capacity for 500,000 metres coming in, 350,000 metres going out as piece goods and 45,000 cut-lengths for being processed.

But one of the most impressive is that, despite the enormity of mentioned figures, definite rolls can be easily found within several minutes, due to computerised stock control and automated warehousing.

Technology at work – and technology at its best!

Prestigious Textiles – create your style!