Italian factory Castello del Barro was established in 1975 in Lombardy. Family weaving manufactory became a modern production of exclusive decorative fabrics with the well-known creative potential of the designer Lelly Hamilton.

To succeed, it is necessary to create absolutely new unique fabrics, collections have to be ahead of time. Today, Castello del Barro is rightly considered to be the trendsetter of the textile fashion. Amazing moire, silk, organza, taffeta, crystallines, jacquards combine in extraordinary collections and become art works. Particular emphasis is laid on the technology of fabric processing. All sorts of embroidery techniques, heat treatment to make the effect of wrinkles, printing by means of a laser,  

Like a luxurious ball dress, single-color tulle curtains with bottom shirr, floral motifs design of dense fabric is placed on illusion make Castello del Barro collections unique. Fabrics are light and thin, like a butterfly wing, collections are the real textile masterpieces that can surprise and amaze. Splendidness and luxury harmoniously mixed with sophisticated aristocratic prints.

Unique fabrics are simultaneously modest and luxurious

Nowadays, Castello del Barro is one of the leaders in the production of textiles for decoration and realized magnificent curtain fabrics to more than three dozen countries.