Jab Carpets
Exclusive design carpets and very pleasant for touch by Jab Anstoetz
For all of us it is very important to have high-quality wall-to-wall carpets to provide comfort. 
Due to wide range of colors, textures and qualities most shapes and sizes are possible: hard-wearing loop pile, soft cut pile, long pile shag
Sound-absorbing, shock-absorbing, non-slip, adaptive – comfort in each step.
Сarpets are the true masterpiece of floor design. Creative freedom is provided due to a huge selection of colors and sizes, extraordinary combinations of materials, for example, silky shimmering crocheted edging paired with a rustic wool felt create artful accents.
Various of finishing options: from puristic overlock edging to classic fringe and the imaginative embellishment with borders or edging.
Carefully tested materials guarantee that harmful substances, pollutants and other allergy triggers are not even an issue.
Sophisticated design, superior workmanship and uncompromising functionality