Célestin Linder immigrated from Switzerland to France and was recruited as the technical director in a weaving plant in Violay. There he created the Linder Company. Every generation applied his industrial textile know-how.

At the workshops more than 180 employees design, weave, dye, and create own collections having more than one hundred years of experience in producing high-quality textile products in accordance with haute couture standards. Linder is proud to carry on legacy as weavers, using the techniques of the first weaving looms and adding modern and innovative technological tools that improve quality and creativity.

The results of activity for today is about 10 million sq m of fabrics per year, 2.5 million  dressed windows per year, 650 tons of consumed yarns, company presented in 58 countries

All equipment is able to work on many different types of yarns and to create all types of weaves, designs, and material (taffetas, net curtain, organza, satin, printed design, jacquard).

Laboratory technicians develop the dyes and ensure that the color never varies. Fabrics are dyed depending on their composition, with usage of different techniques to get the best quality and resistance to fading.

Each movement is perfectly mastered to create finishing touches that rival haute couture. Quality of workmanship and assembly meets the requirements of any style and allow made to measure orders.

Linder SA is certified OEKO-TEX, it ensures that no dangerous to health chemicals are used in the manufacturing.