Tapestry - woven lint-free carpets. They veiled walls and arcades (rows of arches) Gothic cathedrals. They are not only decorated, but also significantly insulate the huge room. Gradually, tapestries, and moved into the locks, and then to the palaces. There are tapestries, when the Dutch masters tried to play oriental wool carpets. French tapestries called - gobelins.

Gobelin is a wall carpet of handwork with the artistically woven image, picture. Henry IV inspired glory of flemish trellises, invited to Paris of two Brussels weavers. Masters settled in the house of masters of dyers of wool, Gobelins. Since all trellises of the French production began to be named gobelins. Today gobelin are name carpets and dense decorative fabrics with the woven patterns or images, made by a machine method. Other artistic fabrics, similar with tapestries by appearance and to the technique of execution, – it trellises and carpets.