Curtain showrooms ABC and Style-Comfort – we are professions in textile decoration of private and public interiors. We offer wide range of interior fabrics, curtain rods/ tracks, accessories, wallpapers and rugs. And provide high quality services: design, cutting and sewing service. Also we offer curtain rods/tracks mounting service. We work with all types of tracks, including electro systems. Professional equipment makes it possible to bent tracks in arch or bay window.


  • fixing of rods/tracks of all types;
  • fixing of motorized systens;
  • fixing of rods/tracks in room with complicated architectural forms (arch, bay window);
  • fixing of rods/tracks in ceiling, wall;
  • fixing of rods/tracks on big heigh;
  • fixing of very long rods/tracks ;


  • ceiling fixing of 2 m curtain track from 180,00 UAH.;
  • wall fixing of 2 m curtain track from 300,00 UAH.;
  • wall fixing of 2 m curtain rod from 300,00 UAH.;
  • demounting of curtain track from 75,00 UAH. for 1 m;

Prices could be changed depending on heigh and type of selling, distinctive features of tracks. Price for othe types of systems you could specify with manager.