КОМПОЗИЦИИ: Square cushion with cord
Code: 016-7

КОМПОЗИЦИИ: Square cushion with cord

736.00 грн

Square pillow made from wild silk brand of English Henry Bertrand. Composition 100% silk. Filler - sintepon. To cushion matched calm color «camel».

The product has a complex design. Soft, arranged one behind the other warehouses, interesting terracotta fixed cord and laid in opposite directions. This option products surprise and delight customers, welcoming complex, non-ordinary items.

As can be tailored to fulfill such a cushion in a different size and location of the folds.

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  • Color
  • yellow
  • Manufacturer
  • Curtain salon ABC
  • Pattern
  • встречные склады, терракотовый шнур
  • Size
  • 40х40см
  • Year
  • 2016


  • Unit
  • itm